What is exercise mix?

Exercise mix lets you create customized workout routines using exercise videos from Youtube.

How is different from watching videos in a playlist?

You can edit each video, trim it, loop it or time it. You can also insert breaks in between exercises. There are some other cool features like automatic exercise name announcement (powered by Google's Wavenet TTS), beeps, sounds, visual aids to make it super easy to follow along. Plus you can re-arrange videos with a simple drag/drop to update your workout routine in 1 click!

How can I get started?

The app is on top of the page. First click "New project". Then click the "Add exercise video" button, then search for an exercise on Youtube using a keyword like "Ab crunches". Once you find the video, just select it and Click the upload button. You can edit the video. You can cut the video by setting the start and end points. If you want to do repetitions then you can set a repeat count. You can also "Time" your exercises (e.g. if you want to do an exercise for 30 seconds insteads of 5 repetitions). Finally click the "Play video" button to play and share your video!

Where is the signup button?

There is no signup. You can get started using the app on top of this page. Every time you save a project it creates a fork. So people who you share your exercises with can create their own workouts without affecting yours (think of it like Wiki of exercise routines).

Can I add background music?

It's coming soon. For now, just use any music app! :)

How much does it cost?

It's free! If this benefits one other person besides me then it has served its purpose. If you like it please give me feedback on my product hunt page (or email). Constructive criticism is welcome too!

Is this ad supported?

This site is 100% ad free. Any ads you see in between are inserted by Youtube. All ad revenue goes directly to the video creator (which is a good thing).